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Team Backwoods · October, 2010

Exmark's Win, Grin and Bear It Sweepstakes Ends Soon!

Sweepstakes Ends in 3 Days!

The Exmark Win, Grin, and Bear It Sweepstakes is rapidly drawing to a close and it won't be long before the 2010 winners will be announced. Registration closes on October 31 and the winners will be announced during the first week of December. If you haven't already, make sure to get yourself registered

Plans are already underway for the 2011 version of the Win, Grin and Bear It Sweepstakes... and it promises to be even bigger and better than ever!

Hunting Season is Here... and It's Been Good Already

Karl's Alberta Moose

The Misty River Moose

On opening day of the Ohio Whitetail archery season, Karl Metzler and Troy Lauffer were jumping on a plane, heading north to Alberta for Karl's first moose hunt with Misty River Outfitters in northern Alberta.

After four exciting days of hunting, Karl settled his new 300 Win Mag from Jona Custom Rifle on a good Alberta bull, and dropped him in his tracks.

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Dan's Opening Day Ohio Whitetail

The Excalibur Ate My Tag...

While Karl and Troy were boarding a plane, Dan Wallace and Paul Payne were settling into their tree stand for what would be an exciting, but short, opening day in Ohio. As daylight settled in, the boys were surrounded by deer.

It didn't take long... just 45 minutes, and Dan settled his Excalibur Crossbow on a big Ohio 10-pointer's vitals, filling his tag before Karl and Troy left the ground.

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The Buck Bomb · Unrivaled Scent Dispersal System

Learn the Secret to the Backwoods Boys Success

The Buck Bomb

When we head into the woods we want every possible advantage we can get. But fooling a mature whitetail's nose can be a tricky affair. That's where The Buck Bomb comes into play...

Unlike traditional scents, the Buck Bomb utilizes a revolutionary dispersal system, turning 100% pure whitetail urine into a gas cloud that is capable of travelling in excess of 1/4 mile in a 3 mph breeze. The fine particulate emitted by the Buck Bomb attaches to leaves, trees and brush, leaving a natural scent trail back to the Buck Bomb can

Backwoods Tip

Here's a tip for you... before you walk into your stand, give the bottoms of your boots a quick shot with the Buck Bomb to mask your scent on your way in. If you have any scrapes along the path to your stand, freshen them up a bit with a shot or two of the Buck Bomb, then turn the rest loose before climbing into your stand. You'll be amazed by the results.

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Watch Excalibur Crossbow Tech Tips, Hunting Videos and More

Excalibur Tech Tips

Learn all there is to know about the world's most accurate hunting crossbow - Excalibur Crossbows...

Excalibur provides "Tech Tips", Instructional Videos, and full-length hunting videos to help you get the most out of your Excalibur Crossbow.

Learn More at the Excalibur Crossbow Website

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Dan Wallace Newfoundland Moose Hunt Episode

Huntin' the Backwoods: Newfoundland Moose

Follow Dan Wallace on his moose hunt with Newfoundland Adventures.
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Early Season Whitetail Hunt

Back in the Woods for an Early Season Whitetail Hunt

Watch Paul put the Buck Bomb to use on an early season whitetail.
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Excalibur Tech Tip: Stringing Aid

Excalibur Tech Tip: Using the Stringing Aid

Find out how easy it is to change the string on your Excalibur Crossbow.
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Tools of the Trade

gear we don't leave home without...

SmartScouter: Remote Cameras

SmartScouter Trail Camera

SmartScouter Remote Surveillance Cameras takes wild game management to a whole new level... With the SmartScouter camera, your trail camera pictures are sent right to your inbox or smart phone... no cards to swap. Plus you can manage your camera remotely through SmartScouter's website.

Learn More at Smart Scouter

Sierra: The Bulletsmiths

Sierra Bulletsmiths

When it comes to pistol and rifle reloading questions, there's no one better to turn to than the Sierra Bulletsmiths. Sierra has six full-time Bulletsmiths; reloading experts waiting to help you with the toughest reloading questions you have. Let the experts get you off to a great start.

Learn More at Sierra Bullets

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