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Back In The Woods

Whitetail Secrets: Licking Branches

with the Callmaster, Jerry Peterson

It's no secret that whitetail deer use licking branches to communicate, but it's a little known fact that whitetail hunters can use licking branches to increase their deer hunting success. Licking branches are an excellent tool for attracting and patterning bucks, and it may come as a suprise at how often deer utilize them.

Jerry Peterson, from Woods Wise Products shares some of his experience using licking branches along with game calls to help you prepare for the upcoming deer season. He also shares how licking branches and the Hot Mah-Mah - an incredibly versatile deer call from Woods Wise Products - helped him put his tag on the "Tennessee Stud."

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Jerry Peterson, the Callmaster Watch Jerry's hunt for the Tennessee Stud on BackwoodsTV

Spring Black Bear Report

Alberta Black Bears on the Athabasca River.

As we mentioned last month, we had another great spring bear hunting season with our friends up north. From Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Newfoundland, we hunted hard preparing for another season.

But we can't leave our friends at Misty River Outfitters out of the equation...

Backwoods Boys Troy Lauffer and Mike Pierson headed north to Alberta to experience more of the hunting opportunities Alberta offers. They were looking forward to an exciting hunt... but they had no idea how exciting things were about to get...

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Tools: Inside Secrets for Backwoods Success

Get the inside scoop on the Backwoods Boys' Tools of the Trade, what they are, and how they'll improve your success.

Outdoor Feeders

Outdoor Feeders

Whether you're trying to attract deer or supplementing your deer's diet, a quality feeder is worth it's weight in gold. Outdoor Feeders produces high quality game feeders that "Bring the Wildlife to You." Top quality materials ensure that you are getting a dependable, durable feeder that will provide years of trouble-free service.

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Galena Outdoor Products

Galena Outdoor Products

Keeping your gear organized and accessible can be a challenge. Thankfully, Galena Outdoor Products manufactures the most innovative hub-style ground blind accessories on the market today, including utility shelves, camera brackets, bow holders, and combination accessories. These products make hunting from a ground blind a snap.

Learn More at Galena Outdoor Products

the Super Hot Mah-Mah

The Super Hot Ma-Mah

add this call to your licking branch for a deadly combination

The Callmaster, Jerry Peterson, has spilled the beans on Licking Branches, but he doesn't stop there. Combining licking branches with contact calls is a deadly combination.

As he mentioned, deer use licking branches to communicate. Adding some vocalizations will take that communication to a whole different level.

The Woods Wise Super Hot Ma-Mah is, without a doubt, one of the most effective deer calls we've ever seen. Both bucks and does respond to this versatile contact call. It produces a number of vocalizations that whitetail respond to. Add this call to your arsenal and you'll be amazed at the difference it will make.

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